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November-December. Informal Learning Review. "Global Warming at European Museums"

November 15. Ithaca Child. "Turtle Travels Arrives"

November 5. Tompkins Weekly. "Sagan Planet Walk: 10 Years Later"

November 3. Tompkins Weekly. "Sciencenter Offers Invitation to ‘Turtle Travels’ Exhibition"

November 2. The Ithaca Journal: Life. "Best Bets: Turtle Travels Exhibition Opening"

October. Family Fun Magazine. "Family Getaways Guide to Traveling Exhibits"

September 29. Cornell Chronicle. ‘Japan and Nature’ Exhibition Opens at Sciencenter Sept. 29"

September 28. Ithaca Child. "Traveling to the Orient, in Ithaca!"

September 27. The Ithaca Journal: Ticket. "Sciencenter Opens ‘Japan and Nature’ Show"

September 26. Tompkins Weekly: Autumn Living. "Sciencenter Hosts ‘Japan and Nature’ Exhibition"

September 22. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Plans Opening for New ‘Japan and Nature’ Exhibit

August 17. Ithaca Child. "‘Travel’ to Japan at the Sciencenter"

August 16. "Raves for Ithaca's Sciencenter"

August 15.The Ithaca Journal: Briefly in Business. "Sciencenter Director to Study European Museums"

July 18. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Open Late on the Third Thursday of Each Month"

July 18. The Ithaca Times: Business Times. "Sciencenter Executive Director Named Humboldt Fellow"

July 10. The Ithaca Journal. "Old Computers Get New Life, Raise Funds. Money Earned Benefits Sciencenter"

July 5. "Sciencenter's Trautmann Named Humboldt Fellow"

July 2. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Goes Big on Small"

June 30. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Debuts Exhibit on Nanoscience Today"

June 28. The Ithaca Journal Ticket. "Too Small to See Opens Big in Ithaca"

June 18. Tompkins Weekly. "Nanotech Exhibition Comes to the Sciencenter"

June 1. Tompkins Weekly - Summer Living. "Sciencenter Gets Moving for Summer"

June 1. Tompkins Weekly - Summer Living. "Mini-Golf Gets Players on a Roll"

May 17. The Ithaca Journal - Ticket. "Explore How Things Move ’From Here to There’ at the Sciencenter"

April 23. The Ithaca Journal. "Egg Drop Goes Earth-Friendly"

April 21. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Prepares for Annual Egg Drop Competition"

March 22. The Ithacan. "Sciencenter Switches to Wind-Powered Electricity"

March 4. NewsWatch 16. "Sciencenter Moves to 100% Wind Power"

March 2. The Ithaca Journal. "Wind Energy: Sciencenter Takes the Lead"

March 1. Association of Science-Technology Centers. "International Polar Year and IGLO (International action on GLObal Warming)"

February 28. News10 NOW. "Wind Blows Sciencenter in New Direction"

February 28. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Now Running Exclusively on Wind Power"

February 26. "Public Invited to Celebrate Sciencenter's Move to 100% Wind Energy and International Polar Year Kick-Off"

February 20. Ithaca Parent & Teen. "Cool Discussion About Hot Topic at the Sciencenter"

February 20. Cornell Chronicle. "Cornell class project turns into online educational materials for science museums worldwide"

February 16. The Ithaca Journal. "Sciencenter Explores Global Warming with Hot Air"

February 12. "New Family Forum on Global Warming at the Sciencenter"

January 29. The Ithaca Journal. "Aviation Exhibition Opens at Sciencenter"

January 15. "Take Flight at the Sciencenter"

January 5. "Sciencenter Forges Creative Community Partnerships"

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News Archive