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Kids & Families

Baggie Reactions

Puff up sandwich baggies using simple chemical reactions!

Baking Bread

Make fresh bread and explore the chemical action of yeast!

Black Bean Indicator

Use a natural indicator to test acids and bases!

Bounce an Egg

Can you drop an egg without breaking it?


Look for a flash when you chew Wint-o-Green mints!

Gummy Worms

Make gooey, slimy worms!

Ice Cream

It’s easy to make ice cream in a bag!

Kitchen Chemistry

Learn about food through chemistry.

Magnetic Cereal

Attract iron-fortified cereal with a magnet!


What is this stuff – solid or liquid?

Plant Power

How to plants control chemical reactions?

Popping Candy

Will your stomach explode if you drink soda while eating popping rock candy?

Red Cabbage Paper

Use a vegetable indicator to test acids and bases!

Root Beer

Make your own soda pop!

See Vitamin C

Which foods have vitamin C?

Smelly Balloons

Sniff out the scents hidden inside balloons.

Soda Fountain

Make a jet of soda pop that shoots into the air!

Starch Test

Use iodine to test for starch.

Volcano Candy

Use a chemical reaction to make a foamy candy!


Sciencenter field trips include educational program materials available for download.

For more information please visit our dedicated Group Visits and Class Trips page.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Make and test atmospheric gases in zipper baggies.

Acids and Bases Around the House

Use a pH indicator to find acids and bases.

A Grain of Salt

Figure out just how much salt is in your food.

How Sweet It Is

Wow, there’s a lot of sugar in drinks!

Pure Water

Take muddy water and make it clean!

Rainbow in a Tube

Use a pH indicator to create a chemical rainbow.

What’s in the Bottle

Use chemistry to identify a mystery liquid.

Museum Professionals

You may freely download and customize any of the tools below. Documents are in MS-Word format, unless otherwise noted. Please send corrections or suggestions for additional tools to

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Staff Handbook

Managing the Team to Reach Its Potential

Planning and Evaluation


Scientists & Researchers

Saturday Showtime! is an opportunity for families to meet a real person engaged in science; learn first-hand about cool science topics; and take part in hands-on, interactive activities. The Sciencenter is always looking for members of our community to share their passion for science. If you are interested in volunteering at a Showtime! please contact Michelle Kortenaar, Director of Education, at or (607) 272-0600 × 124.

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