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Science Playground

The museum's popular outdoor Science Playground is open April 1 - November 30 (weather permitting) during museum hours and is included with museum admission.

Sciencenter Falls

An interactive waterfall exhibit with a dynamic stream table, where you can create your own water flow design by building dams and diverting water through a sculpted sandy streambed.

Make Music

Make music with instruments like steel and bongo drums, xylophones, gongs, chimes, washboards and a giant bell.

Sand Play

Dig, pour, and shape sand in the large sand play area.

Suspension Bridge

Bounce on the world's only Kevlar cable suspension bridge.

Geometry Climber

Explore geometry on the fourteen foot high rope structure.


Investigate bubbles, make a bubble wall, blow bubbles, and stand inside a huge bubble.

Giant Lever

Leverage your weight to lift your friends on the ski lift.

Delay Tube

Speak into one tube and hold your ear against another tube to hear how long it takes for the sound of your voice to travel back to you.

Whisper Dishes

Whisper to a friend across the Science Playground. You'll be amazed at how far the softest sounds can travel.

More Outdoor Exhibits to Explore

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  • Pendulum Pull
  • Solar Energy
  • Color Filters
  • Voice Tubes