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Mars and Stars

Mars and Stars

Consisting of five kiosks with interactive computer games, the Mars and Stars exhibition features beautiful images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, a LunarViewer, and introduces guests to infrared imaging of planets and stars.

The exhibition area also includes a magnetic constellation activity, an Apollo 7 space suit, a reading area, and hands-on components.

  • Visit astronomical objects such as planets, stars, and nebula, and see the constellations in our local night sky with Starry Night.
  • Embark on an interactive flight over the moon using high-resolution data of the lunar surface.
  • Use a flight simulator computer game to explore a Martian Volcano.
  • Visit Mars with the Spydog Investigates Color game and attend Spydog Academy followed by a series of challenges.
  • Look at photos of everyday objects and stars and compare them with infrared images in the Star Birth exhibit.

Infrared Camera

Did you know that your hands are warm enough to leave a heat trail? Discover what's hot and what's not with the Sciencenter's infrared camera exhibit. See a thermal image of yourself on a 50" plasma screen, and discover hot zones all around you.

Thank you to volunteer Bob Terrell who built this exhibit.