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Winter/Spring Exhibition: Turtle Travels

Turtle Travels

On display through May 16

Experience life in the slow lane as you discover what it's like to be a turtle moving through different habitats in the exhibition, Turtle Travels.

This upbeat, engaging exhibition features a life-sized board game among other fun exhibits to present a vital environmental message. Flip out the feet of a Swiss Army Turtle to make an animal adapted to life in the desert, in a pond or at sea, or make your own crazy mixed-up turtle!

Turtle Travels
Watch footage shot by a CritterCam attached to a loggerhead sea turtle, track turtles, and more! Discover what you and your family can do to help protect turtles and their environment.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, you can also join us for hands-on activities related to Turtle Travels:
  • Flinkers: make an object that neither floats nor sinks, just like a turtle
  • Geodesic Turtle Shell: connect geodesic shapes to create your own 3D turtle shell
  • Origami Turtle: use the Japanese art of paper folding to create your own turtle
Turtle Travels

Turtle Travels was created by the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative, with funding from Jane's Trust and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

Summer Exhibition: Rainforest Adventure

Turtle Travels

Opening Weekend May 24 - 25

Rainforest Adventure is a multisensory expedition that introduces guests to tropical rainforests around the world, highlights the challenges facing these unique ecological wonders, and suggests ways that people can make a difference.

Adventurers will gear up at base camp and learn how researchers study the rainforest, then trek on to discover a 9-foot tall kapok tree; peek at the life in a bromeliad or theleaf litter; climb into the rainforest canopy using a chair lift; explore a gorilla's nest and more!

Rainforest Adventure was created by Stepping Stones Museum for Children.

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