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Thank You, Spooky Science Volunteers 2013

The Sciencenter would like to thank the 103 enthusiastic volunteers who helped us welcome more than 900 guests in 2.5 hours during our annual Halloween event.

These volunteers helped to give the museum a an eerie atmosphere, deliver hands-on activities, demonstrate tricks and treats of chemistry, and more. A big thank you to them - they helped make Spooky Science a success!

Spooky Science Volunteers

Sciencenter Volunteers

Jill Bodner
Ben Brown-Steiner
Ryan Conklin
Joe Carloni
Ben Cohen
Jenni Drewes
Dancin Feldman
Lindsay Glasner
Matthew Griffin
Jason Guss
Aja Hess
Antonio Mendez
Vanessa Navarro Rodriguez
Joe Orselli
Abigail Scadato
Emily Scarpulla
Peter Schrafel
Ginny Schumacher
Sarah Schweiger
Ariel Shutter
Michael Stern
Ayaka Sugiura
Molly Westbrook

Alpha Chi Sigma
Janette Guijosa
Shaniqua Johnson
Maro Kariya
Brennica Marlow
Ashley Mighty
Kira Mighty
Thomas Vecca

Alpha Pi Omega
Dylan Clemens
Emily Dries
Maggie Finn
Meghan Horne
Melissa Romero
Sejal Shah
Elizabeth Sowers
Kathy Tin
Sveu Wang
Jia Zhang
Melissa Zytariuk

Kelly Huang
Stephanie Locks
Amanda Uhl
Marion Quien

Beta Theta Pi
Brandon Delgado
Kevin Donnely
Min Jeong
Sean McNamara

Cornell Herpetological Society
Jaimee Alsing
Joey Chase
Ben Hoffman
Yitong Li
Sophie Liu
Richard Wan
Eliza Weaver
Brian Worthington

Cornell Vet Students

Hannah Facey
Adrian Flanders
Rachel Labitt
Morgan Robinson
Katherine Schumacher
Emily Throwe
Sarah Wegnert

Jess Confer
Aaron Godert
Casey Keller
Jay Rogan

Hans Bethe House
Sarah Marie Bruno
Emma Chilton
Matthew Farrell
David Sadegh
Victoria Sadosky

IC Chemistry Club

Michael Armstrong
Brendan Duran
Max Klemes
Automm Lombardo
Rachel Snyder
Scott Ulrich
Austin Waltz

Into the Streets
Rachel Erlebacher
Rabbi Scott Fox
Dana Larson
Melania Mora
Meredith Mitnick
Harry Podolsky
Michael Quint
Brian Stern
Fiona Woods
Judith Zwillenberg

Phi Sigma Pi
Rachel Arrowood
Kristina Ceres
Amy Chen
Gaige Kerr
Diane Luebs
Gretchen Stillings
Sarah McIlvennie
Alex Wismer

Madeline Haas
Linjie Jiang
Irene Li
Olivia Xu

Volunteer Opportunities

Sciencenter volunteers enjoy working flexible hours in an energetic, family-friendly environment. Volunteers receive full orientation and training and have opportunities to grow with the organization. For more information on becoming a Sciencenter volunteer, please check out our Volunteer Information page.