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Thank You, NanoDays 2014 Volunteers!

The Sciencenter would like to thank the 104 enthusiastic volunteers who served the 860 guests who attended our free NanoDays event on March 22. The Sciencenter would like to extend its appreciation to Cornell University for collaborating with us through its research centers, student groups, and individual scientists.

NanoDays forms part of a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering. The national event is the largest public outreach effort in nanoscale informal science education and involves science museums, research centers, and universities from Puerto Rico to Alaska. Right here in Ithaca, the Sciencenter develops the primary set of educational activities used by hundreds of organizations every year. A big thank you to our visitors for helping us prototype these activities that will be used throughout the country at next year's event.

NanoDays Partners

A big thank you to the volunteers listed below and our NanoDays partners: Cornell Center for Materials Research, Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers, Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-based Sciences and Education, and Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility. We couldn't have done it without you!

NanoDays Volunteers

Alpha Phi Omega
Anisha Alahari
Sujay Alvencar
Vicky Atzl
Iqra Beg
Carolina Bieri
Sweta Boban
Andrew Crego
Niki Chimberg
Maggie Finn
Michela Gacioch
Katherine Gall
Rishika Ghosh
Meghan Horne
Shaina Himelstein
Chantal Hoff
Rebecca Lampert

Tara Lobo
Lauren Taylor
Sara Elena Morales
Thomas Peer
Caroline Prybyl
Melissa Romero
Sejal Shah
Sally Stoyell
Emma Thomson
Kathy Tin
Brianna Whitmore
Billy Yang
Yvonne Ye
Sarah Zhao
Melissa Zytariuk

Alpha Chi Sigma
Brecken Blackburn
Brittany DeCola
Chris Du
Tai Wei Guo
Zheyi Han
Nica Marlow
Ariana Munger
Kira Murphy
Keely Oltion
Jeannie Park
Alex Polino
Ruby Rhoden
Thomas Vecca

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mark Flamme
Stephanie Locks

Cornell Center for Materials Research
Andrea Gardner
Andrea Katz
Adam Moody
Kayla Nguyen
Nicole Ritzert
Sam Schraer
Maria Sirenko
Ryo Wakabayashi
Jeney Wierman
Nikolay Zhelev

Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers
Parker Foster
Elizabeth Kennedy

Cornell Traditions
Carlos Cevallos
Ben Maracle
Brianna Whitmore

Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
Katherine Camera
Melanie-Claire Mallison
Patricia Davidson
Megan Holtz
Kathryn McGill
Obafemi Otelaja
Lynn Rathbun
Joerg Werner

Benjamin Darfler
Caitlin Darfler
Kimberly Foster
Aaron Godert
Kevin McGuire
Charlie Mulligan
Michelle Sawyer
Rena Scroggins
Tonyehn Verkitus
Angela Vitale

Ithaca College Circle K
Lindsey Adelstein
Katie Adolph
Kenya Allen
Kerryn St. Andre
Katherine Andresen
Elana Brosnich
Maria Commisso
Alyssa Friedman
Alexandra Halky
Danielle Ouro
Jenna Wentzel

Ithaca College MAT
Katharine Ahrens
Marty Alderman
Allen Bowen
Janelle Harter
Devin Larsen
Sterling Payne
Joshua Speer

National Society For Black Engineers
Ryan Boles
Brittany Nkounkou
Brian Short

Sciencenter Volunteers
Julie Behr
Alex Boys
Jenni Drewes
Lindsay Fei
Akshath Garg
Ryan Harris

Ashley Kaminski
Ben Mac Murray
Catherine McCarthy
Emily McNeill
Joe Orselli
Kelsey Poljacik
Ben Savitzky
Bowen Shan
Michael Zachman
Amy Zhong

Volunteer Opportunities

Sciencenter volunteers enjoy working flexible hours in an energetic, family-friendly environment. Volunteers receive full orientation and training and have opportunities to grow with the organization. For more information on becoming a Sciencenter volunteer, please check out our Volunteer Information page.